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About Us


The Yukon Medical Council (YMC) is a non-public body that facilitates and promotes an effective regulatory system for Yukon medical practitioners to serve the public interest. YMC provides leadership and guidance for medical practitioners and fosters quality health care services for Yukon.


To build on the future and promote excellence and quality in the provision of health care services for Yukoners through leadership and guidance of medical practitioners.


purple bullet Dedication…to the provision of quality heath care services by competent and caring practitioners.

purple bullet Excellence…through leadership, innovation, and competency.

purple bullet Respect…maintain integrity by reflecting fairness, compassion and ethical conduct.

purple bullet Accountability…focusing on ongoing improvement of quality health care through responsible decision making, openness and impartiality.

purple bullet Cooperation…collaborating effectively with other health care organizations to facilitate sharing of best practice initiatives and enhance professional relationships.

Current Members

  • Dr. Dan Carew (Chair)
  • Dr. Adrienne Mayes
  • Dr. Douglas Perry
  • Dr. Nancy Lambert
  • Ms. Ruth Wilkinson
  • Mr. Brian Kitchen

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