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Complaint Process

The Responsibility of the Yukon Medical Council is to regulate the practice of medicine under the Medical Profession Act.

The Council’s Aim is to resolve complaints involving practitioners fairly and effectively. If you are concerned about the conduct or care you have received from a physician, you have the opportunity to make a complaint to the Yukon Medical Council

Our Goal is to have competent physicians practicing safe medicine for the benefit of the public.

Making a Complaint

Resolving a complaint is achieved by understanding the situation and circumstances surrounding the issue from both the complainant’s perspective and the perspective of the physician. Notice of complaints to the Yukon Medical Council are researched and reviewed thoroughly to ensure quality health care. As much detail as possible should be provided to make sure the matter is fully explained. There is no requirement for you to have a lawyer to file a complaint. However, to be reviewed by the Yukon Medical Council, your complaint must be submitted in writing on the Yukon Medical Council Complaint Form .

Expectations and Outcomes

The Yukon Medical Council tries to ensure that any problems identified, as a result of an investigation, will be corrected. If your physician is a member of the Yukon Medical Council she/he will be excused from the Council during all discussions relating to your complaint.

The possible outcomes of an investigation may include

  • no further action be taken; evidence submitted does not support the complaint
  • the physician takes corrective measures, either by further education or a restriction of practice
  • disciplinary action
  • licensing of the physician be suspended

There are a significant number of situations where complaints arise due to misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the physician’s action or instructions. Should this be the case with a matter brought forward, the Yukon Medical Council may:

  • assist in communicating your concerns to the physician
  • bring the matter to the attention of the physician, ensuring corrective measures are in place

When the investigation has been completed, you and the physician will receive a decision in writing from the Yukon Medical Council. The complaint process will not result in financial compensation to you as financial awards are outside the authority of the Yukon Medical Council.


The information provided to the Yukon Medical Council from a patient or from an agency regarding a patient is treated with the utmost care and respect and is divulged only with the permission of the patient except when otherwise required by law.

Contact Us - If you would like to talk to someone about concerns before putting them in writing please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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