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Frequently Asked Questions


I am interested in prescribing Buprenorphine in Yukon. Are there any requirements?

Certificate of Standing requests.

I would like to do a locum in Yukon. What are the licensing requirements?

I am leaving the Yukon. What are the procedures for closing my practice and patient files?

I am an International Medical Graduate and would like to work in Yukon. What are the licensing requirements?

  • Yukon is not currently accepting applications for limited family or limited specialty practice licenses. All postgraduate training in Yukon must be arranged in advance via a training program outside the Territory.  Yukon does not have a sponsorship program in place for international medical graduates. In order to practice medicine in Yukon you are required to:
    1. Hold a current full license in another Province or Territory of Canada; or
    2. Be a licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada andhave achieved certification fromeither the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or from the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

    You may want to check with other Provinces/Territories as their requirements can differ from ours.


Where can I find a list of physicians currently taking new patients?

Who are the current members of the Yukon Medical Council?

I would like to get a copy of my medical records. How do I go about this if I do not know where my last physician is?

  • Access to Medical Records
  • Please call Yukon Medical Council at (867) 667-3774 to assist you in the process of locating your previous physician to request your medical file.

I need to see a specialist and I do not currently have a family physician?

  • In order to see a specialist you must be referred by a physician. If you do not have a family physician, there are walk-in clinics available in the interm. Please phone Health & Social Services new patient line to assist in the process of finding a family physician at (867) 393-6980.

I would like to file a complaint against a physician. What is the process to file a complaint?

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