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The Yukon Medical Council (YMC) is a public body established under the Medical Professions Act that regulates the practice of medicine in the Yukon. Our members are appointed by the minister and we protect the public by establishing standards of medical care and addressing complaints made against physicians licensed in the Yukon.

Under the authority of the Medical Profession Act, we are responsible for:

  • ensuring physicians are qualified and competent to practice medicine;
  • issuing, suspending and revoking licences of physicians practicing in the Yukon;
  • investigating and responding to complaints from patients;
  • taking action if a Yukon physician is practicing in a way that is incompetent, unethical or illegal; and
  • supporting high standards of professional conduct and ethical behaviour by developing standards of practice.


To promote excellence and quality in the provision of health care services for Yukoners through leadership and guidance of medical practitioners.


Dedication: to the provision of quality heath care services by competent and caring practitioners.

Excellence: through leadership, innovation, and competency.

Respect: maintain integrity by reflecting fairness, compassion and ethical conduct.

Accountability: focusing on ongoing improvement of quality health care through responsible decision making, openness and impartiality.

Cooperation: collaborating effectively with other health care organizations to facilitate sharing of best practice initiatives and enhance professional relationships.

Council members

  • Dr.  Dan Carew (Chair)
  • Dr.  Nancy Lambert (Vice-Chair)
  • Dr. Douglas Perry
  • Dr. Larry Brehmer
  • Mr. Noel Sinclair
  • Mr. Brian Kitchen

Support staff

The Professional Licensing and Regulatory Affairs branch of the Government of Yukon provides administrative support to the YMC.

  • Stephanie Connolly, Registrar of Medical Practitioners
  • Daniela Ruf,  Deputy Registrar of Medical Practitioners
  • Jenny Wainwright, YMC Coordinator and Licensing Officer
  • Kim Corothers,  Complaints Officer