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COVID-19 vaccine deferrals and exemptions

Issued on November 30, 2021

With proof of vaccination now required to access a variety of public settings and the imminent vaccination mandate for government and healthcare workers, registrants may be getting requests from patients to be exempted from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine for medical reasons. 

We invite registrants to use the new COVID-19 vaccine temporary medical deferral form for guidance.

  • Physicians should first evaluate the validity of COVID-19 deferral requests. Valid and invalid contraindications to COVID-19 vaccination are listed on page 1 of the form.
  • If a physician determines that a vaccine deferral is indicated, they must apply for a temporary medical deferral on behalf of a patient by completing the form on page 2. Deferral requests are subject to final approval from the Yukon Immunization Program and the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH). 

Kindly note that a diagnosis of a mental health illness or disorder is not considered a valid reason to qualify for a deferral of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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